At Pilates Centre South Africa, we achieve optimum results by focusing on quality exercise, specially tailored to each unique individual. Pilates Centre SA provides a beautiful and well-equipped environment, perfect for a balanced, varied and effective workout.

Pilates Certification Centre SA teacher training course is an educational reward and a unexpected personal journey. I found it both challenging and rewarding. Nicole’s professional approach and continuous support, her dedication, and teaching style were inspirational and invaluable. I learnt so much from her throughout the course. The PCC SA teacher training gave me the knowledge and essential skills to begin my teaching career and I will always be grateful to the support I have received both during and after the course. – Linda Spiro Jhb SA 2008

After extensively researching Pilates teacher training providers, I was drawn to Pilates Certification Centre SA. After completing the course, which was challenging and incredibly rewarding, I know that I made the right decision. This is an in depth course, very intensive and educational and it becomes ones journey of personal development. This course ensures that students are trained to the highest standards. Nicole’s breadth and depth of knowledge of the Pilates method and Anatomy is truly inspirational. – Sasha Warne , Jhb, SA 2008

I believe that the course is one of the most life changing things I have done so far. I have learnt so much! – Natalie Woolf, SA 2006

Back teaching in Sydney Australia, I have to say that the level of your course and knowledge is phenomenal, we were really taught and advised well. – Mandi Kluk, Sydney AUS 2010